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TYPE / Academic Illustration

SCHOOL / Bartlett School of Architecture

SITE / Not applicable

YEAR / 2021

Outlines of Nuclear Geography is an infographic illustration of nuclear waste materials forming the silhouette of a mountain and stack upon each other following two hierarchies of volume and radioactive contamination. The elevation further annotates a number of different decontamination technologies and potential reuse projects.


Signed limited edition of 25, Fine Art Paper, 420 x 520 mm

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Outlines of Nuclear Geography
Outlines of Nuclear Geography

The elevation of a mountain is a direct response to the design of deterrence markers (such as The Landscape of Thorns or Spike Field by Michael Brill), which employ archetypes to signal an invisible nuclear threat hidden underground.

This illustration engages in a similar approach, but in reverse. The mountain stands for an archetype of eminence, abundance and presence. It does not signal an invisible threat, rather the threat is visualized, classified and exposed in all its matter, as a tangible issue that can and should be addressed.

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