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TYPE / Competition

ORGANISER / Non Architecture

SITE / Zibo, Shandong Province, China

YEAR / 2020

The Zichuan’s Festival of Colours is a giant palette of clothes, manufactured by local adepts of the textile industry and craftsmanship, sitting atop the abandoned stone terraces. Part of the Shandong’s Mines Park programme developed by the government, the landscape intervention aims to grow the regional cultural, social, artistic and economic values and prospects.

Mines colours aerial view
Mines colours clothes weaving illustration

In a spectacular showcase of different clothes and woven fabric, gems of the local culture promote Shandong’s heritage and traditional artisanship. The community is brought together in the realisation of the Mines ‘dress’, offering a unique opportunity for a collective

activity strengthening the social identity.


The large-scale intervention transforms the abandoned quarries, turning them from a large area of ecological and spatial damage to a work of art. The Zichuan Festival of Colours and its dramatic visual impact on the landscape are a worldwide attraction, ultimately providing the coevolution of the regional economy and global awareness of abandoned sites.

Mines colours overall view
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