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TYPE / Competition


SITE / Not applicable

YEAR / 2022

MARWAVE coffee table celebrates the relationship between the marble Botticino Classico and its creator, Water.

Today, the prestigious marble is sculpted with innovative technologies employing water as the main sculptor. But the origin of the connection between the two is much older. The marble was born in a lagoon sea between 190 and 60 million years ago, thanks to the slow calcareous sludge sedimentation and crystallisation process.


MARWAVE brings to the surface the strong influence of water intrinsic in Botticino Classico, in a design that wants to be timeless while empowering the inner fluid expressiveness of the marble. 

Marwave coffee table axonometric view
Marwave coffee table detail view
Marwave coffee table conceptual sketch
Marwave coffee table ortographic drawings
Marwave coffee table column detail view
Marwave coffee table axonometric animated view
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