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TYPE / Academic Project

SCHOOL / University of Westminster

SITE / The Strand, London, UK

YEAR / 2018

The Geological Society of London understands the era of the Anthropocene as presenting unprecedented environmental challenges. The new centre STRATA will allow the Society to invest in geoscience research and developing skills. The study of clay extends to issues of both material and immaterial where inherent qualities of texture, strength and physicality are explored alongside ephemeral virtues of experience. 

Geoscenic of the Thames entrance view
Geoscenic of the Thames ground floor plan

The programme forecasts the opening of an Urban Quarry, close to the Strand’s archaeological milestones, for excavating and studying London clay. 


The west side of the Quarry sees the growth of the Green Fabrication Laboratory which challenge is relaunching London clay in the building industry.

Geoscenic of the Thames first floor plan
Geoscenic of the Thames overground floor plan

Following the ‘cradle to cradle’ doctrine, the clay is reused and redeployed, adding to that great foundation upon which the city rests. 

Geoscenic of the Thames long section
Geoscenic of the Thames axonometric view
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